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Get to Know Alphacron: Our Story and Expertise

Alphacron® is a management solutions and technical consultancy firm that was established in 2012. We are headquartered in the United Kingdom and cater to the engineering, aerospace, energy, and manufacturing industries by providing customized and high-quality services. Our team of consultants, both internal and external, offers specialized expertise that is tailored to the specific requirements of projects and programs.

Founder and Director at Alphacron
Nikos Apergis
Founder and Director

Nikos Apergis is an experienced programme and project manager (MSP Practitioner, APMP and Six Sigma Black Belt certified). He has managed multi-million valued projects and programmes for prominent clients in the aerospace, manufacturing, engineering and energy industries. His engineering background includes a BEng and an MSc.

Consultants at Alphacron
External Consultants

Externally-based consultants provide independent expertise across multiple fields, working on specific projects as and when required.

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